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A modern strategical Procurement function needs tools which allow both: to transparently manage suppliers, contracts and procurement spend and to deliver fast and precise basis for decisions. The big ERP- and MRP-systems are suitable to only a limited extent for that purpose or are also too expensive, because their focus lies on the operational execution of ordering- and financial transactions. Strategic tools however must be quickly available, offer a high degree of flexibility, be cost-efficient and be characterized by a simple intuitive usability.

You'll find here exclusively selected offers, which satisfy the requirements of a strategic supply management and at the same time avoid expensive capital expenditures, as the usage is based on the "SaaS" principle (Software as a Service).

My offer encompasses a preparatory review of your specific situation, proposals for a selection of appropriate tools, where necessary a review with adaptation of the purchasing processes and support for the implementation. This package is made perfect by the organization of short introductory training for the persons concerned, by change management as needed and by the attendance of the roll out.

To facilitate your selection, just click on the continuing Link as appropriate to your requirements.

Your requirement
:: Noticeable cost reductions for familiar indirect cost materials, standard services or project demands for common commodities like:
agricultural products, catering, chemicals, data storage mediums, Renovation of buildings, IT–hardware, car accessories, tinned food, rental cars, frame contracts for commercial cleaning, security services,  frozen meat, power fuel, dry ice, packaging materials
The solution
easyRFX as a universal and flexible e-auctions tool for immediate and easy usage with various very attractive pricing models. More ...

Your requirement
:: To reduce energy cost for procurement of power or gas
The solution
Power- and gas-auctions using a market specific powerful online platform. More ...

Your requirement
:: To introduce a centralized and integrated strategic supply management solution for supplier contracts, procurement spend, auctions and supplier portal
The solution
BravoSolutions integrated suite for supply management as a standalone solution or compatibly integrated with SAP, Oracle etc. More ...

Your requirement
:: Optimization of sourcing for high volume, strategic categories with a complex supplier market and international locations
The solution
BCS, the well proven collaborative sourcing model from BravoSolution. More ...

Your requirement
:: Reducing inventories and cost of inventories, improvment of the Operating Working Capital and transferring inventory management to the supplier
The solution
Introduction of a VMI concept supported by an EDI solution. More ...

Your requirement
:: To introduce or expand the use of EDI technology to mid-size and smaller suppliers
The solution
Usage of WebEDI as a browser application on every PC. More ...

That sounds interesting to you? Further questions? In that case I would like to present you with more details!
Just give me a call: +49 (0) 7144 / 8960 993 or drop me your inquiry by using the contact sheet.
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