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You know and use EDI already as a reliable and well proven technology to automate the ordering process between customer and supplier and by that increase the productivity of your ordering department?

Than you know as well, that EDI also requires significant investments and operating cost for both the customer and the suppliers, which amortize only with a high number of ordering transactions and with big suppliers.

For further automation and increase of the efficiency of the ordering process there is, however, the possibility to adopt besides the classical EDI solution a WebEDI solution. As the suppliers don't need to invest for this solution, but only need a PC and a browser with internet access, mid-size volumes of ordering transactions and mid-size to smaller suppliers can be developed.
WebEDI principle
In its simple form, WebEDI enables small- and medium-sized businesses, by means of a simple web browser, to receive electronic documents, to work on them, to create and to administrate them. The VAN service ensures the seamless conversion into an EDI format and the transmission to your trading partner.

As such a solution must always be a custom-made fit for your specific situation, I would be happy to prepare a concept for you based on your requirements and to propose an appropriate solution. As a matter of course I will work with you in a resulting project up to the routine operation and coordinate the activities of the participants involved in the project.

EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
VAN: Value Added Network
WebEDI: EDI as Internet Application

That sounds interesting to you? Further questions? In that case I would like to present you with more details!
Just give me a call: +49 (0) 7144 / 8960 993 or drop me your inquiry by using the contact sheet. To the contact form

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