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Collaborative Sourcing

Collaborative sourcing is the refinement of traditional sourcing approaches towards the focus on synergy's between buyers and suppliers to develop new potential for cost reductions.
Collaborative Sourcing

Collaborative sourcing solutions are focussed on high volumes and strategic categories, for which deep understanding of supplier economics, capacity, and capabilities within the procurement processes is required. They deliver significantly higher value, sustainable and low-risk results, which will lead you to true true competitive advantages.

This special solution is suitable for bigger international companies with several locations and specific, strategic and complex categories like transport, packaging and shipping.

I will be happy to advise you more extensively and to engage with you in an implementation project from the very first steps up to the routine operation.

BravoSolution is a large, leading international provider of Supply Management Excellence with more than 400 customers in 30 countries. Their software suite is in use by more than 20,000 buyers and is used by over 230,000 suppliers worldwide.

That sounds interesting to you? Further questions? In that case I would like to present you with more details!
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