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Power- and gas-auctions

Energy cost savings - with guarantee!

There is expensive power - and there is very expensive power; the same is true for gas. The liberalized energy market, however, allows you to significantly reduce the operating costs for power and gas by flexible choices of the provider, or at least to avoid the increase in cost in the future.
Energy Online Trading Platform
In cooperation with a market leading independent provider of an online trading platform to which nationwide German providers of power and gas are connected, we achieve for you in an unrivaled energy auction most favorable energy prices. Industrial consumers and chain customers will receive tailored power procurement concepts.

The reward of a power- or gas-auction is in all cases a performance-based payment arrangement. Only if you achieve costs savings, will we receive from you an agreed royalty. As we say: Energy cost savings - with guarantee.

Energy Reverse AuctionConsulting services in procurement will be charged upon agreement with daily rates or as lump sum.

By the way: the least expensive power is that one which you don't consume. With technical experts from my network you'll optimize as well the energy management in your company and reduce your energy consumption.

Just one more: the registration and usage of the Online Trading Platform is also interesting for energy providers, as it represents another modern and cost-efficient sales channel.

That sounds interesting to you? Further questions? In that case I would like to present you with more details!
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