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ms pro:con Consulting is not expensive - and not cheap either - it is of "good value"

Overhead is only little at ms pro:con Consulting - this is your saving!

My offer is built up modularly to respond flexible to the customer requirements. It comprises:

  • Analysis and consultancy for
  • Procurement organization (strategical procurement, structural organization)
  • Procurement processes (workflows, Commodity management, Supplier management)
  • Procurement tools (e-auctions, strategical Procurement Information management)
  • Change management (Communication strategy, user training)
  • Project manager for systems implementation and process changes
  • Interim manager
  • Usage of an e-auction platform and accompanying support
  • Accordingly the pricing is formed flexibly. Based on respective customer requirements agreements are possible for:
    • hourly rates (reimbursables like travel expenses, accommodation added)
    • daily rates (reimbursables like travel expenses, accommodation added)
    • All-In rates (all reimbursables included)
    • Project lump sums
    • Several interesting price models for the usage of the e-auction platform
    Upon request I would be glad to provide you with detailed information like for example:
    • a sample price overview for orientation
    • general price list or price list for e-auctions
    • All-In prices based on prior consultation
    • a concrete offer based on prior consultation
    • all charges do not include the VAT (value added tax) of 19 %
    By using the contact form you can very easily adress your concrete request to me, so that I can prepare the appropriate information for you. 
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    The initial meeting to align the assignment of tasks will last for around 2 hours and will be done free of charge.

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