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5 factors of success 
Globalization of an enterprise, new domestic and international sites, mergers and acquisitions that require changes in procurement strategies and purchasing processes for:
- procurement organization
- supplier management
- contracts negotiations
- commodity management
- procurement transactions
- supplier contracts
- suppliers information management
5 factors of success to a best practice procurement
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Each challenge provides as well opportunities. We are there to help you to grasp these opportunities and to adjust your Procurement function in an optimal way to changed situations:
- lower purchasing prices
- optimization of supplier relationships
- improvement of time-to-market
- cost reductions
- improvement of operating working capital

My Services are Your Opportunities
You are looking for consultancy based on practical industry experience
My services encompass:
* analysis of the procurement organization with focus on potential optimization
* analysis of existing processes and structures
* Identification of room for improvements of systems related to business processes
* generate studies for cost reduction measures
My consultancy
* is attuned to your requirements and agreed with you
* offers you a neutral external view
* provides „best practice“ proposals typical of world class multinational organizations
* shows how to reach what is feasible

You want to achieve fast cost reductions with new e-sourcing systems
Together with my partners my services encompass
* the design, selection and introduction of relevant e-sourcing systems for e-auctions, strategical supply management and process automation
* concepts and solutions to significantly reduce inventories and inventory costs
* management of e-sourcing implementations
Your benefit
* quick and immediate cost reductions
* saving of process costs
* rigorous reduction of negotiation lead times and -efforts
* accelerated processes and increased productivity
* savings of material- and service costs
* increase of sales price flexibility and margin improvement
* improvement of operating working capital (OWC)

You want to shape up your employees for new processes and systems
ms pro:con executes
* introduction of new processes related to new systems
* pro-active change management
* conception of training measures
* Implementation of information- and communication programs
Your advantage
- anticipation of problem of acceptance through active involvement of impacted members of staff
- Immediate increase of productivity and efficiency
- early and regularly staff information

You need detailed and complete project planning and project management
* I will plan your project taking your guidelines into consideration
* and manage your project on your behalf until finalization
* I am versatile as interim management
Your profit
* my expertise and approach towards managing complex projects is flexibly available
* I am at your service to overcome temporary capacity bottlenecks
* higher flexibility for the company with less one shot cost

You need a moderator, a speaker or a coach 
I can offer
* the moderation of workshops with procurement related subjects like 'Strategical or operational procurement', 'Mergers and acquisitions', 'Introduction of e-procurement', 'Change Management', 'Lean processes in procurement' or 'Sustainability in procurement'
* lectures to the same subjects for your procurement or sales function
* functional coaching for new managers in procurement for questions related to organization, processes, tasks and roles, introduction of new systems, merging of organisations
Advantages for you and your members of staff
* quick and efficient transformation of your business strategies to optimize procurement
* fast and sustainable introduction of new subjects and tasks into your purchasing function
* support for mergers and globalizations
* impulses for your procurement organization
* impulses to create or strengthen the network of procurement
* functional support by individual and personal coaching for fast introduction of new purchasing managers, lead buyers, team leaders or project leaders into the purchasting subjects
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