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e-auction (electronic auction)
With an electronic auction the negotiation process is carried out via a business platform in the internet. Potential suppliers can provide their offers for the invited tenders within a defined period of time. The ranking of the tenders can be visible for all participants, the total results however only for the negotiator. Besides standard e-auctions other types are possible as well, such as sealed bid, dutch auctions or reverse auctions.

e-auctions are convenient for most material groups within General Expenses, production material and standard services. They are applicable within almost all branches and for procurement volumes starting with approx. 10 K€. Official contracting terms for award of service performance contracts (VOL) and German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB) are, however, not subject to e-auctions.

With easyRFX, not only e-auctions could be modeled, but also the full bandwidth of electronic bidding. Everything is possible starting with questionnaires (RFI), through requests for proposals (RFP), up to the different e-auctions.

Each auction is configurable down to the level of each single position and adjustable to your specific requirements.

In comparison to classical negotiations, an e-auction requires an adapted negotiation process with deeper and more careful preparations, however based on that it's significantly faster with very good results. e-auctions are part of an advanced supplier management process.

Usage and pricing are very flexible starting with one single event, event packages, and monthly fees or flat rates - entirely according to your demand. Of course, training of employees and suppliers are likewise part of the offer.

I'll be happy to advise and support you at the introduction of e-auctions as a modern instrument to realize sustainable procurement results.

Curious? Why not give me a call? +49 (0) 7144 / 8960 993

Just continue to the e-auctions Portal
Just continue to the e-auctions Portal
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  • was developed by people familiar with the industry with many years of experience who have carried out over 5,000 reverse auctions
  • is a platform with which you can dramatically shorten your procurement processes and can achieve savings almost immediately
  • can illustrate all areas of strategic procurement online - Project management from the needs analysis, specifications, negotiations and tendering up to a "Reverse Auction"
  • is suitable both for easy as well as complex procurement processes
  • does not require any advanced knowledge or time consuming huge training and can be used immediately without additional effort
  • can be used immediately - regardless of whether it is for individual events or recurring procurement processes
  • works without software installation, directly in your browser
  • is available in 7 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Thai)
  • can be adapted to your needs and can easily be integrated into your website visually and technically
  • has virtually no limits to its flexibility, with its editable bid screen of a tabular calculation type
  • has full compatibility with MS-Excel
  • allows the use of open source basic technologies: this will save you major licensing costs in the event of an (optional) installation on your server
  • requires no major investments which only have to be refinanced
Interested? I will be happy to advise you and provide you with support as you use easyRFX or with additional information. Just contact me - I will get back to you right away.

Example: 22% price reduction for Industrial supplier parts...
100,000 individual parts were tendeed in the form of a reverse auction at easyRFX. In even less than one hour's time, the previous price was reduced by 22% and savings of several thousand Euro's have been achieved. Just one example of over 1,000 procurement processes successfully carried out with easyRFX.
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